Beatriz Fernandez Lopez
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Beatriz is a principal in our Retail and Consumer Goods, and Pricing, Sales, and Marketing Practices, based in Madrid.

With a rich background in commercial transformations, she specializes in advising clients in the B2B and B2C sectors on topline growth. Her engineering background and experience in the tech industry equip her with an analytical mindset and problem-solving abilities, which she leverages to provide valuable insights to her clients.

Her expertise spans Europe and South America. She has worked on projects related to online retail and marketplace development, value proposition and targeting, pricing and promotional strategy design (including margin optimization), sales enablement, and customer management. Her contributions have led to significant improvements in financial performance.

Over the years, while advising many clients across the globe, I’ve come to realize that our consistent success stems from a combination of four key elements: deep industry expertise, robust data analytics, multidisciplinary teams, and unwavering commitment

In recent years, while the primary focus has been on revenue growth, Beatriz has also undertaken reviews of commercial processes for leading grocery stores in South America. She has identified areas for improvement and proposed process automation solutions. Similarly, she has performed operational effectiveness diagnoses for a Mexican retailer, with a focus on organizational structure and change management. Her recommendations have facilitated streamlined operations and adaptation to shifting market dynamics.

In 2024, Beatriz was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Young Influential Consultants in Spain”. Her analytical mindset, problem-solving capabilities, and profound industry knowledge render her a valuable asset to both Oliver Wyman and the companies she advises.

Outside her professional life, Beatriz enjoys traveling, going to the Opera with her husband, and spending time with her newborn baby boy.