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Baudouin de Fréminville
Engagement Manager
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Baudouin is an engagement manager in Oliver Wyman’s Finance and Risk Practice and is also part of the Climate and Sustainability platform, based in Paris.

His interest in financial services was sparked early on, as he undertook internships in leveraged finance and private equity during his business school years. After graduating in 2018, he joined Oliver Wyman, then spent two years at Revolut, where he was fascinated by the fintech world and its rapid development. In 2023, he rejoined Oliver Wyman, leveraging his comprehensive skillset and profound knowledge of the financial industry to help institutions tackle their most complex challenges.

Baudouin provides strategic advise to financial institutions in France and Europe on key issues, such as adapting their business models to the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape and addressing the climate and environmental crisis. Clients seek Baudouin's assistance in structuring and synthesizing their complex problems and developing well-thought-out solutions.

The financial services industry is ever-changing, with new problems to solve and opportunities to seize. That's what I enjoy most about my job: learning new things every day

While financial services may initially appear less tangible than other industries, Baudouin believes it is the most exciting field to work in. It is at the center of all economic activities, funding new projects and ideas, and shaping the world of tomorrow. Being part of this industry allows him to make an impact every day.

In his spare time, Baudouin is passionate about football, enjoys running, traveling, and playing analytical games like poker.