Artur Vittori
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Artur is a principal at our Insurance and Asset Management Practice, based in Zurich.

With a strong background in finance and risk within the insurance industry, Artur serves clients across Europe. He specializes in leading large-scale transformation projects, with a particular focus on risk management. Artur's deep understanding of risk management, coupled with his strategic advisory skills, allows him to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients in the life, property and insurance, and health sectors.

Artur's strategic mindset and inspiring leadership have been instrumental in driving successful outcomes for his clients. He remains up-to-date with industry trends, enabling him to support clients in adapting to changing market dynamics. Leveraging his extensive industry knowledge and network, Artur is adept at identifying emerging risks and opportunities, empowering clients to make informed decisions.

Strategic vision, analytical rigor, and a deep understanding of human dynamics are key for driving enduring transformation in the insurance industry

Artur is renowned for his unwavering commitment to continuous learning and personal growth. He holds a Master's degree in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences, which is complemented by his technical background in mathematics and finance.

Artur's exceptional proficiency in analytical reasoning, combined with his deep understanding of human dynamics, allows him to bridge the gap between theory and practice seamlessly.