Antonio Carvalho
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Antonio has almost three decades of international experience in investment banking, private equity, and management consulting. Since 2006, he has been based in the Middle East, providing consulting services to the telecommunications & technology sector, as well as the public sector.

Clients reach out to Antonio looking for help with both short and long-term problems. His cooperation with the public sector includes finding ways how to manage fiscal situations in regions not blessed with rich fossil fuel reserves, which makes them more sensitive to market distortions, especially after oil price shocks. In the long term, Antonio seeks ways to diversify economies in the region through privatization and labor reforms – an endeavor already showing signs of positive impact.

Antonio currently serves as a board member of the Tri International Consulting Group (TICG): a joint venture between KIA, Kuwait Fund, and Oliver Wyman to serve the Kuwait market.

Try to see every project as an opportunity to learn. Give it everything you have, come with an open mind and an open heart. Learning on the job is the biggest reward in this industry.

Antonio's experience includes several years on the investment committee of a Private Equity Fund in the GCC region, and serving on boards of its portfolio companies. Previously, Antonio worked as a senior executive for a large, multinational telecom company. His career in investment banking began at Deutsche Bank and BES Lisbon. His areas of expertise are strategy setting, business & financial planning, operations roll-out, and transformational programs.

Antonio holds a degree in Economics from the UCP in Portugal and University Carlos III of Madrid. Studying investment banking gave him a good grasp of macroeconomics, which greatly helps with his current work in the public sector related to national economic transformation, fiscal consolidation, and fiscal transformation. He is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, and has a working knowledge of French.