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Angie Meecham
Senior Human Capital Manager
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As the senior human capital manager for Canada, Angie plays a crucial role in supporting colleagues and the business.

She oversees payroll and benefits management, provides guidance and coaching to employees and managers on handling complex issues. Angie also collaborates with managers to identify and address people-related problems and challenges. She excels in designing, implementing, and communicating solutions that cater to the unique challenges and evolving needs of the business, utilizing change management strategies. Additionally, Angie leverages her expertise in local employment law, company policy, and company standards to help mitigate risk.

Angie also serves as the point of contact for the MBA program in the Americas. This role allows her to collaborate with human capital members across the globe, ensuring consistency and knowledge sharing in this important talent management program.

In a human capital role, you need to be a collaborative partner and a valuable resource for colleagues. Leading with heart fosters a positive environment and helps to build authentic relationships based on trust

Outside of work, Angie spends time with her husband, Bruce. While they enjoy traveling to various countries, immersing themselves in new cultures, they also love to explore their own country, hiking in the mountains, taking coastal forest walks, and embarking on sea kayaking adventures. 

Angie is an active volunteer in her local community association throughout the year, finding fulfillment in giving back to the neighborhood where she resides. She also prioritizes time for self-care by dedicating time to exercise, meditate and practice yoga. Visiting the spa is an integral part of her overall wellness routine, providing both physical and mental rejuvenation.