Andrew Sims
Senior Managing Designer
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Andrew is a Senior Managing Designer in Oliver Wyman’s Organizational Effectiveness practice. He specializes in co-creative engagements and large-scale change projects and loves the feeling of wowing clients. From helping them to completely re-imagine their appraisal systems to running 300-person co-creation events to instill new leader behaviours, Andrew’s work has a broad scope.

There is something electric about the room during our big co-creation events. We get everyone involved in highly interactive work rounds, creative emotive experiences, and often nudge participants way out of their comfort zone. People often comment that these events allow them to achieve more as teams, but excel as individuals. I find that really inspiring!

Andrew brings high levels of determination to his work and will never abandon a challenge until it is resolved. He enjoys work that involves sustained engagement with a client in genuine partnership to create long term impact. 

Happily married to wife Michelle, he loves sport and relaxing with friends 

A defining moment for me was when I led the setup of a permanent collaboration hub at a client site early in my career, including training up a team to facilitate and run it. It gave me a taste for creating something from scratch, teaching people new skills, and building a place where people can collaborate and make breakthroughs