Andrea Magurano
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Andrea is a partner in the Finance and Risk Practice in the Milan office.

He specializes in credit risk management and possesses a decade of valuable experience in successfully leading significant programs that assist Chief Risk Officers (CROs) from major European institutions. His expertise lies in enhancing credit risk quantification capabilities, improving credit processes, and efficiently managing the implications of banking supervision.

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman, Andrea gained research experience while working for a prominent Japanese telecommunication operator. He later served as an IT security manager for a European banking group, acquiring firsthand knowledge of the operational dynamics and challenges faced by companies — an understanding that proves valuable in his role as a consultant.

Foster a sense of curiosity, diligently attend to details, and continuously seek to explore beyond superficial comprehension. Simultaneously, it is crucial to remain focused on the fundamental aspects that truly drive client impact

Initially, Andrea didn’t have the right experience for the specific content and challenges presented by his clients, primarily financial institutions. However, as an engineer, he possesses a strong quantitative background and a keen interest in excelling in the intricate field of credit risk management.

Beyond his professional life, Andrea takes great pride in being a father to two little boys, encouraging them to embrace curiosity and appreciation in their lives. He also has a passion for photography and enjoys spending his free time hiking with his family and friends.