André Mascarenhas
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André is a principal in our Private Capital and Financial Services Practice. Since joining Oliver Wyman in 2017, he has taken a leading role in executing commercial due diligence and formulating growth strategies for clients across the sector.

His efforts have directly enabled the expansion of banking services and the successful integration of fintech mergers. Through competitor benchmarking, regulatory reviews, and the evaluation of potential service providers, André has significantly expedited the delivery of the client’s strategy. His data-driven counsel has not only benefited clients but also stimulated growth within the firm.

Delivering straightforward and easy-to-understand solutions, powered by data-driven analysis, in a complex environment is what allows me to add value to our clients

Additionally, André has been a driving force in promoting innovation in the financial services sector. He has collaborated with top digital banks in Brazil and the Brazilian Bank Association. One of his key engagements was to develop an international benchmark for the Open Banking implementation strategy in Brazil. This effort aided the association’s proposal to regulators and is shaping the future of banking in Brazil.

André's journey to becoming a principal in our Private Capital practice is grounded in his academic background as an engineer from Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, complemented by studies at the University of Manchester. His technical expertise and strategic insight have been crucial to his progression within the firm.

Outside of work, he has been the proud father of a Shih Tzu dog since January 2023. He enjoys practicing wakeboarding and CrossFit in his leisure time, and has experience as a skydiver.