Amara-Maria Willendorf
Practice Research Expert, 3D Carbon Accounting
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When you need an informed, balanced, and crisp view on any topic, and needs it fast, Amara is who Oliver Wyman turns to first. And so given her passion for the environment, and more than 15 years of experience working in the energy sector, it is no surprise that when it comes to climate Amara is positively encyclopedic. This depth of knowledge, combined with her love of data, allows the 3D Carbon Accounting team to call on Amara's skills to deliver client work, make our models world class, and ensure our research is the best in the business.

Despite the very real and urgent climate challenges we face, Amara remains positive and optimistic. She believes that invention and ingenuity can solve complex problems. Her aim is to help companies measure their emissions so that they can target reductions to achieve net zero.

The clock is ticking. We have an obligation to do our share to preserve this beautiful planet, however small it may seem

Amara enjoys hiking with her family and embarking on travel adventures — a real highlight being a trip to China, Tibet and Nepal. One thing that has defined her as a person, and which she cherishes, was the significant part of her life spent living in different countries: four years in Spain, six years in the UK, and a year studying in the US. Seeing the world in all its beauty has given Amara the motivation to help protect it. And, in turn, Oliver Wyman treasures her.