Alessandro Odello
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Alessandro is a partner in our Financial Services Practice, based in Milan. He boasts more than 25 years of consulting experience in the sector.

In recent years, he has provided advice to both national and international banks, covering areas such as strategic planning, business modeling, organizational analysis, design and development, change management, and credit and risk issues. His expertise lies in strategy, organizational and commercial banking topics, with a focus on corporate strategy and governance, distribution networks, product development, and segmentation.

In my view, strategic consulting involves taking a holistic look at specific challenges that companies face and offering advice on how they should tackle them

Alessandro has written numerous articles on the banking industry, which have been published in various Italian business magazines. He is also a regular speaker at public workshops, including those organized by the Italian Banking Association.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Alessandro is passionate about art and restaurants, and he enjoys playing sports in his free time.