Ajit Rochlani
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Ajit is a principal in our Insurance Practice, based in Singapore. 

With more than 12 years of experience in the field, Ajit helps leading insurers across Asia in areas such as distribution excellence, growth strategies, new venture models, mergers and acquisitions, sustainability, digital strategy, and data and analytics.

As a key thought leader in the insurance industry, Ajit frequently shares his insights through articles, industry journals, and various media outlets. Some of his recent topics of expertise include generative artificial intelligence applications in insurance, the future of Insurtech, innovation, agency sales force effectiveness, bancassurance, and retirement.

Insurance has been playing catch up when it comes to innovation, but this is an exciting sector with plenty of transformation opportunities. I enjoy supporting our clients not only with addressing their immediate challenges but also in helping them understand, and stay ahead of, the latest key trends

Ajit graduated from the Senior Executives Management program at INSEAD and holds a post-graduate degree in management with a specialization in insurance. He is also a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India.

Outside of work, Ajit enjoys spending time with his family and managing his personal investment portfolio.