Aditya Lingampally
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Aditya, a partner in Oliver Wyman’s CustomerFirst, excels in building modern businesses that thrive amidst disruption.

He specializes in incubating disruptive innovations and rapidly introducing them to the market for his clients, primarily in the healthcare sector. His expertise includes developing enterprise strategies, fostering new digital ventures, and transforming operations using digital solutions.

Recently, Aditya has been involved in the development and launch of a technology platform that offers value-based care capabilities to healthcare systems, serving 2 million people nationwide. Prior to this, he led a cross-functional team at a national retail pharmacy to launch a new consumer-facing digital health venture. This involved understanding customer pain points, developing product strategy and specifications, overseeing the minimum viable product (MVP) development, and initiating a sales and marketing strategy.

Healthcare's biggest challenges beg for disruptive solutions, not stale blueprints. We need to ditch the fear of failure and embrace the agility of a startup. Experiment, iterate, adapt – that's how we'll crack the code on affordability, accessibility, and quality. I'm here to empower clients to ditch the old playbook and write a new one, one fueled by audacious ideas and relentless optimism

Before joining Oliver Wyman, Aditya co-founded Autopilot, a venture capital-backed social investing platform aspiring to democratize wealth management for the masses.

In his free time, Aditya can often be found at a local park with his wife, entertaining their three young boys. He is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and enjoys playing tennis. An avid podcast listener, he regularly tunes into All-In, Radiolab, and Planet Money, which continually fuel his passion for technology, innovation, and venture. In quieter moments, he delves into the latest trends and insights in these fields, always eager to discover the next big idea.