Aarti Nihalani

Partner, Financial Services
Aarti Nihalani is a Partner based in Mumbai. She specializes in capital markets, market infrastructure, wealth and asset management, and public policy practices.

She has worked extensively with leading financial institutions in India (where she is based), North America and Europe on topics spanning cost reduction, collections efficiency, market entry strategy, operations architecture design (outsourcing), and risk management.

Within market infrastructure, Aarti has advised number of exchanges and CCPs in emerging markets (India, Middle East, Africa, Asia) on topics related to growth strategies, new product design, compliance, risk management, operational effectiveness and in-organic opportunities evaluation

Prior to joining the firm, Aarti worked briefly with the emerging market research (fixed income) and equity sales desks at Lehman Brothers, London. She holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) and a degree in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT formerly UDCT), Mumbai.