Ted Rudholm-Alfvin
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Based in Amsterdam, Ted has been instrumental in building out the capabilities and presence of Oliver Wyman in the Netherlands since founding the office in 2013. Having received degrees in engineering and business, he brings a unique perspective of how to manage technology in a rapidly changing business landscape. “My dual degree in engineering and business was all about the overlap between technology and business, which has proven to be a great boon and foundation for helping clients in transitioning to digital, as you have to be able to speak two languages at the same time,” he says.

In helping clients in their transition to digital, it is very useful to be able to understand and speak two languages—the one of technology/engineering and the other of human behavior

But of late, he finds himself less interested in analytical and logical left-brain activities and more drawn to the more intuitive and subjective right-brain matters. “Recently, I have become very interested in the ‘softer’ side of consulting outside of knowing the right answer,” says Ted. “I get a great deal of energy from working with people to together discover the answer.”

He is currently helping to build Oliver Wyman’s team and capabilities to provide full-stack solutions for clients: engineering assets, architecture, and functionality, as well as the delivery of quality prototypes, business applications and platforms. “So that means no more PowerPoint presentations but fully integrated platforms from which the banks can massively accelerate their analytics,” he says.

His advice to anyone wishing to enter the industry is simple. “Wherever you go, make sure it is in the top three in their field because that is where the best people go. Then spend the first 7-10 or so years of your career learning from these people,” says Ted. “It doesn’t have to be same firm or people.  But make certain you are around the top talent. From there the world is your oyster.”