Denise van Wijk
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A principal in our Retail and Consumer Goods Practice, Denise has experience helping clients optimize a series of commercial levers, including designing and executing category reset programs, providing assortment recommendations, and improving promotional programs.

“Improving clients' commercial levers helps them to grow their revenues and margins while ensuring efficiency in the approaches we recommend,” Denise explains. 

Since joining Oliver Wyman, Denise has acquired a deep understanding of the business context in which her clients operate, the organizational structures, and the data and IT infrastructure. “Combining my expertise across these important factors has allowed me to connect a variety of stakeholders to ensure we can achieve the impact we aspire to,” she says. 

Beyond the impact on the bottom line, the projects Denise has collaborated on have allowed clients to work more efficiently. Removing menial tasks frees up client time and investment to focus on the aspects that really matter, and allows them to pursue their goals and ambitions.

My focus on data-driven projects results in clients gaining new insights about their customers which were unknown before. This allows them to improve their understanding of their customers and further tailor their offering

In addition to her role as a consultant, Denise is Global Lead of Women at Oliver Wyman (WOW), an Employee Resource Group that promotes, supports, and empowers gender diversity at Oliver Wyman. She was appointed to the role because she is passionate about female representation in both the workforce and outside of formal employment. “I believe the different influences and factors that I have witnessed both in my work and private life enable me to further pursue this interest and allow me to share my experiences with peers,” she says.