Coen de Vuijst
Partner and Market Leader, Netherlands
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Coen, who is a partner in the Retail and Consumer Goods Practice, did not set out to go into consulting. However, his background in industrial design has served him well, providing Coen with a mix of competencies suited to the profession.

Looking back, probably the most rewarding aspect of my consulting career has been the many strong and lasting relationships I have built over time

With nearly 20 years of experience under his belt, Coen is struck by the personal effect his work has had on others, stating that working together with clients, especially in high-stake situations, creates a close bond that can last a lifetime.

Pick a profession you’re passionate about and find an environment and group of people that inspire you, and make you feel comfortable. You will spend a large part of your life working, so you’d better find something you truly enjoy

Beyond his commitment to work and his clients, Coen has several passions, including spending as much time possible with his wife, three sons, and the family’s rambunctious dogs. As well as enjoying the great outdoors with is family — hiking, boating, and going on long walks — Coen plays tennis at a competitive level, and proudly sometimes against opponents half his age.