Why Oliver Wyman? 

First and foremost, I was attracted to the firm’s international environment and opportunities. I have an international educational background, so for me the great variety of nationalities and the global staffing model were key elements that convinced me to start an internship at Oliver Wyman. The people and the inclusive culture are the reasons why I stayed. What also influenced my decision were the flexibility and the support to draft my own career path. From day one, I was provided with innovative training, a mentor, and a career advisor – and I could count on continuous feedback. Due to the extensive range of feedback and training, I quickly get to develop towards more senior roles and experience a steep learning curve.

Real Work, Right Away

Within my first 1.5 years at Oliver Wyman, I have completed 14 projects in various sectors, including Retail and Consumer Goods, Financial Services, and Public Policy. During these projects, I have been involved in setting the fresh strategy for a large supermarket, creating a marketable software solution that manages large transformations at our clients, the acquisition of a European public transport provider, and many more interesting topics. For one of my first projects, I got the opportunity to work with a European country’s government on its national climate change strategy and investigated how private homeowners can finance the energy transition. I found it challenging but equally exciting to work directly with ministries on such an important topic. This is a good example of Oliver Wyman’s apprenticeship model, and I can’t imagine a better vehicle for learning early on in one’s career. There is a steep learning curve, as I’m working closely with experts. Oliver Wyman has helped me develop a sought-after and widely applicable skillset, including a strong foundation in analytics, giving presentations, and interacting with clients.

Unique Culture   

Our culture places great emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. Groups within Oliver Wyman – like PROWD (representing the LGBTQ community), WOW (Women of Oliver Wyman), and EMPOWERED (promoting ethnic diversity) – frequently organize cultural celebrations, learning sessions, and awareness campaigns. We’re a close-knit team as a result of our culture and enjoy spending time together during our social events and outside of work.

Outside of Client Work

Even though working at Oliver Wyman can sometimes mean working challenging hours, our teams have put in place several practices that help us to manage our work-life balance.  For example, at the start of every project we have a team meeting dedicated to discussing work–life preferences, such as our exercise schedule, family commitments, and time off. Personally, I find it important to go to the gym at least twice during the work week and to spend dinners and evenings at home. The work-life balance discussions with my team are a great moment for me to highlight these preferences. Additionally, our talent manager also makes sure that our work is balanced, which means alternating very demanding projects with more relaxed ones.