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At Davos 2024 the Misk Foundation initiated a pivotal series of roundtable discussions under the theme “From Reels To Real Impact” focusing on the transformative power of generation Z (Gen Z) in driving social change. This aligns with Misk’s overall theme for Davos 2024, “The Big Now: Exert Your Influence,” which highlighted the power of leadership in crafting opportunities and fostering an ecosystem where the voices, ideas, and actions of youth are not just heard but interwoven into decision-making processes.

Together, the topics underscore the critical roles of youth and leaders in leveraging digital platforms to steer social change. Engaging a broad spectrum of experts from various sectors — public, private, media, and civil society — many of whom are champions of youth empowerment, these discussions aimed to harness a diverse array of voices and perspectives.

In demographic terms, generations come in 10-15 years brackets, but digital generations change every five years — this is the new speed of the world
Dr. Samir Saran, President, Observer Research Foundation

The debates were amplified by Misk’s latest research, "Youth-Led Positive Social Impact," a comprehensive survey involving 18,000 young people (Gen Z) and 500 business leaders across 20 countries. This data proved instrumental in guiding the Davos dialogues, offering a nuanced understanding of the challenges and aspirations of youth worldwide.

"From Reels To Real Impact" sheds light on the dynamic between the younger generation and social media. While a significant majority (81%) of young individuals rely on social media for their daily dose of news and insights, there exists palpable skepticism, with over half worried about the potential bias in their feeds.

At the same time this generation’s drive for a tangible, positive societal shift is evident in their digital behavior, with young people being 68% more inclined to champion social causes online compared to their elders.

In order to build trust, we have to go hyper local, with international best practices that local communities can apply to empower youth and close the gap between the Global North and South
Gerald Abila, Founder and CEO, BarefootLaw

This underscores a critical opportunity for leaders and organizations, who wield the necessary influence and resources, to rethink their approach to engaging with and empowering the youth. By fostering meaningful collaborations and initiatives, the potential of Gen Z's involvement can be unlocked to drive real-world positive impact.