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Seif Sammakieh
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Seif joined Oliver Wyman’s Riyadh office in 2020, bringing with him an earlier background in finance. “I started out in investment banking and spent about 10 years in that industry before realizing that I couldn’t see myself doing that type of work for the rest of my career,” he says. “I felt that the work I was doing was very limited from an impact perspective and was very focused on the bottom line – almost to the exclusion of anything else.”

Working for Oliver Wyman has allowed me to focus my career on unbelievably impactful work, surrounded by hard-working, smart, and passionate colleagues.

It was a realization that set him out on a journey to seek out work that would be more purposeful and have a more lasting social impact.  “I started looking for opportunities with a more balanced perspective, where the work I was doing was contributing to the bottom line in terms of dollars, but was at the same time much more than that, with a broader purpose,” Seif says.

To date, Seif has found this personal journey fulfilling. “My post-banking career so far has contributed to building a new economic city, and has allowed me to work on economic, social, and fiscal projects to transform a nation and develop strategies for new tourism and leisure destinations,” he says. “It’s enabled me to contribute to a thriving commercial business and be rewarded for it.”