Sandro Melis
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Having joined Oliver Wyman in 2014, Sandro is a partner in our Energy and Natural Resources Practice. Sought out for his energy and natural gas expertise, he has close to 30 years of experience restructuring portfolios, hedging strategies, conducting due diligence on integrated O&G trade, and developing on downstream, amongst other things.

Jumping straight into consulting after university, Sandro has developed expertise in the energy industry spanning from North Africa, Europe and the Middle East, focusing on strategy work, operation transformation, capital management and, designing enterprise risk management for leading companies. Sandro’s goal is to contribute to and substantially improve how clients see and manage their business. That means being transparent on the challenges his clients face and always speaking the truth.

A farmer at heart, Sandro’s expertise extends beyond consulting. Born into the family business, he is a keen agriculturalist who has a great understanding of semolina production having worked his family’s Sardinia-based business since he was young.

Still, in touch with all clients, many of whom have become friends, Sandro has built a large network with whom he trusts and who trust him right back.

My clients are international players that need advice on markets far away from them. They care about establishing a trust relationship, one with full support beyond the standard project work

An Economics major with an MBA from SDA Bocconi, Sandro understands that markets are very volatile with unpredictable patterns and that clients come to him to help them understand how to change their organization’s model to be more agile.

The coming years will see sweeping disruption for the energy and power industry. “My local clients, which are gas and power utilities, will have to fight to win in an environment subjected to sector consolidation,” he says. “They will have to cut costs, market their product in a different way, exploit opportunities coming from digital technology, change drastically their way to stay on the market, and do that quickly.”