Frederic Ozeir
Partner, IMEA Head of Automotive and Manufacturing Industries
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Frederic is a partner in our Energy and Natural Resources Practice and IMEA head of Automotive and Manufacturing Industries, based in Riyadh.

His career has been focused on downstream oil and gas, chemicals, and industrial development. Frederic collaborates with public sector entities on sector development, restructuring, and attracting investment, providing supporting in corporate strategy, operating models, and inorganic growth.

Frederic’s work in the Middle East offers him the opportunity to establish himself as a leading figure in the region’s transformation agenda. He prioritizes producing tangible results that contribute to diversifying the region’s economies more and  enhancing their resilience to future shocks. His contributions include supporting policymaking to grow new sectors in the economy, attracting foreign direct investments, and the acquisition of global companies and technologies by Middle Eastern companies.

Three principles can lead anyone to sustain a career in strategy consulting and achieve results: believing and adhering to a set of values, well-placed and well-managed effort, and resilience

Frederic pays particular attention to the unprecedented challenge posed by the energy transition to the economic models of his clients in the Middle East, historically built on the efficient exploitation of hydrocarbon resources and their commitment to being a reliable supplier of these resources to the world.

The energy transition is not only revolutionizing our sources of power, but also reshaping how we produce, distribute, and consume energy; therefore, challenging the traditional economic model of the Middle Eastern countries

His work with his clients is rooted in their active responses to challenges the energy transition is presenting to their economic models and turning them into an opportunity. Firstly, by diversifying their economies and increasing the size of other sectors, including energy intensive sectors such as chemicals and industrials and secondly, by doubling down on green energy supply, which will allow them to remain a key player in the energy supply globally.

Though valuing hard work and commitment to his work, Frederic dedicates his free time to personal development, playing different sports, and reading up on topics that interest him such as geopolitics, sociology, and science.