Dmitrii Grishin
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Dmitrii is a partner in Oliver Wyman’s Financial Services Practice, based in Doha.

He specializes in steering large-scale programs and initiatives at the intersection of financial services and the public sector. His work involves collaboration with ministries, tax and customs authorities, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, large financial institutions, and other key players.

Dmitrii has been with Oliver Wyman for more than a decade. His experience covers a broad spectrum, including state budgeting transformations, tax policy reforms, new tax launches, government spending reviews, and large-scale regulatory programs. He has also worked extensively with sovereign wealth funds on end-to-end transformations, as well as on targeted transaction support, and sector and market portfolio reviews.

Prudent fiscal management is becoming imperative across the GCC to ensure long-term sustainability in light of the energy transition

Dmitrii has extensive experience collaborating with prominent financial institutions in both the MENA markets and globally. He has tackled a wide range of crucial topics, including strategy design, risk management, and reporting. His impressive portfolio encompasses various initiatives, such as designing e-invoicing frameworks for tax authorities, conducting sector privatization studies, performing asset quality reviews for the banking sector, and formulating strategies for national venture capital ecosystems.

For those aspiring to a career in consulting, Dmitrii advises that success in the field requires unwavering dedication and a commitment to serving the best interests of clients. Therefore, prioritizing excellence in delivery is important. He also emphasizes that building strong relationships and trust is paramount, and maintaining a high work ethic is key, not just for personal growth but also to help the entire team reach their full potential.

Dmitrii holds a BSc in Economics and Finance with first-degree Honors from ICEF (a joint program of the University of London and the Moscow Higher School of Economics). He combines his financial knowledge with a global perspective, which gives him a unique insight that helps him shape impactful strategies for his clients.

Outside of work, Dmitrii cherishes his time with his wife and son. He is also a passionate traveler and is always keen to engage in a conversation on macroeconomics and politics.