Christopher Decker
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Christopher started his career as a Peace Corps Volunteer, acting as a grassroots consultant in a rural area of Ghana, West Africa. This is how he fell in love with both the continent and consulting.

Beyond the grassroots consulting that saw impact on a daily basis, Christopher notes that the main visible result of his work in the last few years is the acceptance of a new energy sustainability framework by all the G20 leaders. While working with the KSA Energy Ministry as a part of its presidency of the G20 and chairmanship of the Energy and Climate Working Groups, he and his team helped gain consensus for the Circular Carbon Economy Framework which allows Countries that are currently fossil fuel dependent to see a path forwards for themselves in this energy crises and does not overlook the need to provide energy to the populations and strive for the reduction of energy poverty

Christopher tries to solve the most strategic issues for his clients, which include dealing with the climate crisis, ensuring sustainability in sectors that require significant change, balancing the response to the climate crisis with the devastation caused (or potentially caused) by energy poverty, regulating the utility industry and promoting renewables and energy efficiency, and privatizing government assets to make sectors more efficient.

He is a proud father of 3, a keen surfer, skier, and climber, and a South African Wine enthusiast.