Sandro Melis
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Sandro is an expert of utilities and natural gas markets, having worked in the sector for 20 years. His clients include many of the leading international integrated oil and gas giants while his work ranges from developing hedging strategies to conducting due diligence on integrated O&G trade. His extensive international expertise ranges from restructuring and reorganizing supply, trading, and shipping functions to designing enterprise risk management for leading Middle East companies.

“My clients are international players that need advice on markets far away from them. They care about establishing a trust relationship, one with full support beyond the standard project work,” says Sandro.

A good consultant is one who is able and unafraid to deliver the bad news, yet is capable of finding solutions for overcoming the problems

The coming years will see sweeping disruption for the energy and power industry. “My local clients, which are gas and power utilities, will have to fight to win in an environment subjected to sector consolidation,” he says. “They will have to cut costs, market their product in a different way, exploit opportunities coming from digital technology, change drastically their way to stay on the market, and do that quickly.”

The challenges for the oil majors, however, are somewhat different. “My international clients (oil majors) have an ample portfolio of business options to leverage upon, from fuel transition to circular economy. The name of the game for them is to understand the trends and ride them.”

Sandro’s goal is to contribute to and substantially improve how clients see and manage their business. That means being transparent on the challenges his clients and to always speak the truth, In a word: integrity. “The key is to maintain your professional integrity,” says Sandro. “Do not please your client: always tell him your sincere opinion, fact-based. He may not like hearing it, but he will certainly understand his business better.”