Marco Ciet
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Marco is a principal at Oliver Wyman and a member of the Energy and Natural Resources Practice. 

He works with leading European players and private equity investors in the energy sector, across the value chain, on strategy and transformation projects. His expertise in the power, gas and utility sectors covers business planning, market analysis, commercial and vendor due diligence, as well as the design and management of large transformation programs. Moreover, he has developed distinctive competence in energy management, risk management, finance, and operating model design.

I believe that creativity is a very important and at times overlooked quality for a management consultant. Creating the conditions for unconventional thinking is not always easy, but it yields the greatest value for our clients

His passion for chess taught him that challenges as significant as the energy transition cannot be solved with vision alone. They require a contemporary focus on short-term tactics and long-term strategy, along with a certain degree of creativity. 

In his free time, he enjoys playing the electric guitar, listening to rock music, and reading classic novels as well as historical essays.