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Emiliano Carchen
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Emiliano joined Oliver Wyman in 2015, having worked for an investment bank where he was responsible for the structuring of fixed income strategic derivatives with corporates and financial institutions across Italy, the UK, and North America. “Combining the technical experience gained in the front desk of investment banks with years of strategic consulting helped me to fully understand the challenge our clients are facing and the hurdles to implementing change,” says Emiliano.   

When implementing change at a client, it’s important to be there for the entire journey—and not to simply walk away after having dispensed the advice

Banks seek out Emiliano for his broad knowledge of the trends shaping the corporate and investment banking industry, as well as a solid technical background and proven implementation capabilities. “There is a fundamental reshaping of economic value and competition taking place in the banking industry,” he says. “The challenge for each player will be to continuously question the long-term viability of its business model and build resiliency. While larger players have space to shift resources to growing markets (such as China), midsize banks need to look at more radical option to defend their strong corporate franchise businesses and make bold moves on innovation to increase cost efficiencies.”

To build traction for change, he works within the client’s organization to create a “safe haven” where people can think outside the box and challenge their beliefs. “Evolving the culture is part of the change that incumbent financial institutions have to face in order to preserve their position in the new competitive environment,” says Emiliano. “Even the brightest ideas are powerless if they are not supported by people.”