Emanuele Corti
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Emanuele is a partner in our Retail and Business Banking Practice.

He has a deep knowledge of strategic retail banking issues, including distribution and service models, organization and governance, and commercial, pricing, and product strategies.

He joined Oliver Wyman in 2013, after a brief stint in the Investment Banking sector in London. He is passionate about helping retail banks, credit specialists, and fintech companies navigate a constantly evolving market. He strives to balance the needs of the organizations, their end-clients, and the regulators, while anticipating trends and potential risks.

It’s important to be yourself and find a place where your rules of the game can be realized. Avoid adapting to your surroundings, this will not lead to personal and professional fulfilment. It is crucial that you enjoy the journey

Emanuele enjoys solving intellectually challenging problems for complex institutions every day, from designing and implementing the solution to measuring the impact and the change induced.

He is driven by the innovation and transformation of credit granting, management, and monitoring processes, tools, and logics, especially through digitalization and advanced analytics. He thinks that consultants can create a real impact in this field, by combining a deep knowledge of the subject matter with an innovative strategic vision and solid operational and analytical implementation skills.

When not solving client issues, Emanuele enjoys traveling around the world, cooking amazing Italian food for his friends and family, and feeding his natural curiosity for every aspect of life.