Claudio Torcellan
Market Leader, South East Europe
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Claudio, who leads Oliver Wyman’s activity in South East Europe, has spent the past 20 years as a lead project manager to Italian banks in the areas of general strategy, organization optimization, and development. Prior to joining the firm, he worked for a number of major financial institutions, both in commercial and investment banking.

What I aim to achieve in my projects is real and sustainable change, whether that involves creating new business models or breaking bad dynamics and behaviors that are negatively impacting the productivity of the existing ones.

Claudio has played a pivotal role in developing business plans for a number of major Italian domestic banks. By building stronger organizational framework and supporting infrastructure, he has helped clients to improve profitability and meet the challenges of digitization.

Despite his success in helping clients meet challenges and build new business models, Claudio is quick to admit that he isn’t a natural-born consultant. “I started my career on the other side of the fence, working for various banks and also for an IT company,” says Claudio. “This has taught me how difficult it is to make things happen and how complex it is to move from a PowerPoint presentation to real and sustainable actions.”

Beyond helping clients in addressing their immediate needs, his goal is to leave a lasting impact. “Improving the working environment and creating positive energy at the client is the difference between a memorable project and an okay one,” he says.