Anna Maria Rosati
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Anna Maria, based in Milan, has more than thirteen years of experience consulting for leading companies in Italy and across Europe.  Since joining Oliver Wyman in 2015, Anna Maria has focused on IT strategy, digital and IT transformation, cyber risk, and operational excellence.  

Oliver Wyman has a truly special combination of people and a unique and wonderful set of values: good ideas are valued no matter if they came from the newest consultant or the most senior partner. There’s also a commitment to doing what’s right and providing clients with the right answer, even when it might be contentious.

It’s work that is challenging, rewarding, and impactful – both in terms of the companies she engages with and the customers they serve. “My work is driven by a continuous and restless desire to constantly create impact for my clients, with a strong commitment to doing what is right in the interest of the client,” says Anna Maria.

Having worked for several top strategy-consulting firms, including Booz & Company, she was attracted to Oliver Wyman for the opportunity to dive deeper into certain industries and topics. “I have a thirst for knowledge and I wanted to push myself and expand my horizons. Oliver Wyman is the perfect place to do that.”

Outside of client work, Anna-Maria is sure to carve out time for her hobbies: sports, reading, and simply spending time with family.

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