Angelo Rosiello
Partner, Energy and Natural Resources, Digital, Climate and Sustainability
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Angelo brings more than a decade of hands-on expertise in large business and digital transformation programs for leading organizations in the utilities industry. It’s a role that he has been preparing for all his life. “As an engineer, discipline and fact-based approach helped me a lot in executing complex projects successfully,” he says. 

The most relevant impact of my work isn’t what shows up in the bottom line. The real achievement is related to the behavior of the client's team and the cultural change. The financial results are just a byproduct of that more profound change.

The utilities sector, Angelo believes, faces new challenges going forward. “Business is becoming always more competitive and technology dependent, causing ecosystems to converge and setting the stage for new and different breeds to enter the industry,” he says. “Traditional companies and business models need a continuous reinvention process to guarantee sustainability in the medium and long term.”

Angelo’s work often involves moving clients beyond their standard practices and considering new approaches to the challenges they face, such as defining and achieving their net zero targets. “I spend most of my time in constructively challenging clients to move beyond their comfort zone, exploring new ways of creating value, for example applying advanced analytics techniques, new sourcing models, smart automation,” he says.

Some of these techniques and approaches also have a place in Angelo’s personal life. “My two daughters have forced me to be focused, pragmatic and impact oriented in order to dedicate enough time to my family,” he says.

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