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Sandeep Kumar
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Sandeep is a partner in our Financial Services Practice based in India. He has more than 10 years of experience in this sector, working with clients across the Asia Pacific and prioritizing needs based on their diverse backgrounds.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, and a Master’s in Business Economics, Finance and Econometrics, both from Delhi University, his professional expertise focuses on digital business ecosystems, large scale growth transformation, analytics, and behavioral science, as well as organizational restructuring. 

There is an opportunity to reshape businesses to create value in communities and to lead with purpose

Sandeep’s value for individuality in the workplace encourages opportunities for multi-disciplinary problem-solving with infinite possibilities for global impact. While his international experience allows him to understand situations beyond the immediate challenges and create substantial solutions for clients.

When not developing independent solutions, you can find Sandeep showcasing his culinary skills for his family.