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Anthony Charrie
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Standing at the crossroads of strategy, governance, and regulatory, Anthony works with public-sector clients and other key stakeholders in solving complex problems, such as money laundering, cybercrime, and digital currencies. 

All the projects I’m involved in are impactful. It’s gratifying to be involved from the very beginning of a project, starting with defining a strategy to implementing it, and then following its effect on the country’s effectiveness, growth, or financial stability

Most recently, Anthony’s work has focused on advising Ministries of Finance and development finance institutions on financing and attracting innovative companies, collaborating with the European Investment Bank on Financing the Deep Tech Revolution: How investors assess risks in key enabling technologies (KETs). The study examines a range of cutting-edge KETs—from microelectronics, nanotechnology, and photonics to advanced materials and advanced manufacturing sectors—that will be instrumental in bridging the digital-physical divide.

The need for better international governance will only increase as the world becomes more interconnected through trade, finance, and digital. All departments and agencies of the public sector will have to become increasingly nimble, reactive, and connected to their international counterparts

But his most transformative and memorable moments were those that came during the Great Financial Crisis and the Great Recession.

I will never forget the work we did with the public sector throughout the crisis and recession. In the first few years, we supported Central Banks in ensuring that banks were provided the liquidity and capital to remain solvent. In the following years, the focus was more on ensuring that the financial sector could start supporting growth again by providing the right level of financing to small businesses