Ajay Gupta
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Ajay Gupta is a Partner in the Communications, Media and Technology (CMT) and Digital Practices. Based in Mumbai, he helps Oliver Wyman expand its presence both in India and globally, tapping upon his rich experience of over 23 years. Ajay brings to the table his profound knowledge of the CMT sector, having worked with market leaders in India, Southeast Asia, as well as with global players.

As an expert in digital transformation, Ajay has been involved in several multi-year cross-company revamps, showing his clients the pathway to success in the new digital economy. The challenges of open mandates, solving complex problems, leading diverse leadership teams through change, and being accountable for business results are what motivates him the most. 

Becoming a trusted adviser, bringing the best of the firm for the situations at hand, and “owning” the program are the mantras I try to live by.

Ever since his first days in consulting, Ajay has been fascinated by how technology creates new possibilities not only for businesses, but also for individuals, affecting the ways we live, interact, and participate in the economy. His expertise benefits businesses from communications service providers to network companies, cable and satellite players to high tech players, and from system integrators to BPOs. In the last few years, he took a deep dive into the vast Digital sea, with a focus on new business models, company-wide transformations, and new digital platforms.

Digital is fundamentally disrupting industries. The stock market favorites of yesterday become irrelevant the next day. Tomorrow is all about digital challengers willing to use the power of data to create sustained value.

“Over my career of more than two decades, I have often heard about how consulting is dying. Every innovation or technological change is seen as the “killer app”. The truth however remains that consulting is one of the oldest and rugged professions for a reason. Till we have uncertainty, and corporate leaders seek objective, bold and unconstrained advice, the consulting industry will keep thriving,” Ajay says.

Ajay holds a degree in computer science engineering from NSIT/DIT (Delhi) and received an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Outside of work he is a keen home chef and is learning lead/rhythm guitars. He is fond of traveling, and loves photography, though increasingly only on the smartphone.