Marine De Prest
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Marine, a consultant, based in our Brussels office, assists clients by offering fresh perspectives on their challenges, leveraging the unique insights that consultancy can provide.

She joined the firm after completing a five-year program in management engineering in Brussels, with a specialization in entrepreneurship.

Her consulting career was inspired by internships in the luxury and entertainment sectors, where she gained insights into customer perspectives and internal structures.

As consultants, we offer a unique perspective that can be invaluable to companies. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results creates a mutually beneficial dynamic, where our clients achieve their goals and we gain deeper insights into the sector and the company

Raised in an entrepreneurial family — her grandfather and father are both business founders — Marine’s interest in entrepreneurship was further ignited during her Master’s degree when she launched her own startup. This entrepreneurial spirit continues to influence her work at Oliver Wyman, particularly in the vibrant environment of our newly established Brussels office.

Outside of work, Marine enjoys team sports such as field hockey and tennis. However, her favorite pastime is spending quality time with her friends.