Joséphine Nefontaine
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Joséphine is a consultant in our core Consultant Group, based in the Brussels office.

With a background in business engineering and a Master’s degree from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Joséphine possesses a robust foundation for her role as a strategy consultant.

She excels in providing strategic insights and driving organizational transformations through extensive research, financial modeling, and impactful presentations.

For aspiring consultants, my advice is to embrace continuous learning and maintain a sense of curiosity. The ability to adapt to new industries, technologies, and challenges is a key determinant of success. Building strong relationships with both clients and colleagues through collaboration and effective communication is also essential

As a strategy consultant, Joséphine assists clients in various industries, including transport, pharmaceuticals, and finance. Her expertise lies in conducting thorough research to identify market trends, competitive landscapes, and growth opportunities. She also develops comprehensive financial models to support investment decision-making, including valuation and risk assessment. Additionally, Joséphine leads client workshops and facilitates strategic planning sessions, guiding executives in defining their vision, goals, and roadmaps. She recognizes the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for clients, such as navigating evolving market dynamics, leveraging emerging technologies, and addressing sustainability and diversity initiatives.

Outside of work, Joséphine is an adventurous soul with a deep passion for exploring the great outdoors. Hiking to breathtaking summits and riding the perfect wave while surfing are not just activities for her, but a way of life. She also indulges in her love for cinema as a critic and radio host, sharing her thoughts and insights on films. Attending prestigious film festivals like the Festival de Cannes is a dream come true for her. To find calm and tranquillity amidst her busy life, Josephine savours a cup of matcha tea.