• New Energy: Which Budding Aviation Fuels Could Bloom?

    Oliver Wyman expects several alternative fuels could emerge during the next few decades. Moving these key fuels to commercial viability will require more investment and development.

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    Transport & Logistics Journal

    The Fall 2013 edition of Oliver Wyman’s Transport & Logistics journal focuses on innovation. All transportation and logistics industries are facing a need to innovate, whether as a means to find new growth opportunities, to cut costs, or to increase productivity.

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  • Thrive Rather Than Survive

    For independent aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul providers, the world is shrinking as original equipment manufacturers muscle into the maintenance market.

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    Get Ready for the FAA Evolution

    The Safety Assurance System will replace all of the FAA’s oversight programs for more than 13,000 certificate holders by 2018. Certificate holders can help themselves by understanding what the FAA inspectors will accomplish with the change.

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  • Reinventing Affluent Banking

    Affluent customers represent a conundrum for most providers. While their revenue potential should be much better than a mass market customer’s, they often split their wallet across multiple providers and are demanding and expensive to serve. However, new ways to exploit readily-available technologies offer the opportunity for forward-looking competitors to break the linkage between high...

  • STAR Crossed: Why Docs Trump Health Plans in CMS STAR scores

    How much impact can a health plan have on whether members perceive it as high quality? What metrics best predict the performance of healthcare delivery systems? Oliver Wyman answers these questions by analyzing the latest round of CMS Medicare Advantage Star Rating scores. What we learned—that providers have a disproportionate impact on how payers are perceived, that seven CMS metrics are ke...

  • Agriculture Risks 2014

    Droughts all over the world are driving up food prices. Since 2011, we have been producing a series of research notes to prepare clients for increasingly volatile commodity prices. This library of research is more relevant than ever for industry leaders interested in managing the impact of raw material price shifts.
  • Global Risks 2014

    Global Risks 2014, Ninth Edition offers a snapshot of how more than 700 industry leaders and experts perceive evolving, interconnected risks that cut across national boundaries, the economy, technology, society, and the environment.  

  • The Challenges Ahead: SOFS 2014

    This year’s report focuses on the growth challenge for the industry and identifies several “blind spots” that could impede the industry’s recovery and growth. It briefly analyzes the road the industry is on and considers the trends observable across the world’s major economic regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

    The blind spots assessed in the report are:

  • Risk Communication

    Effective risk communication between the board of directors and the C-suite is critical. Without it, leadership teams struggle to provide the board with information necessary to address the key sources of uncertainty in strategic and financial plans, and boards fail to provide the necessary oversight and guidance. Unfortunately, many executives and board members are frustrated by the mismatc...

  • Risk Adjustment Arrives for Commercial Health Insurance

    Health & Human Services’ new risk adjustment program for small-group and individual health insurers will partly protect carriers from some of the cost of adverse selection. But our actuarial analysis shows that the program also creates new risks. It tends to overpay for high-risk patients and underpay for low-risk. The cost to an insurer with even five percent fewer high-risk members tha...

  • Do Bond Spreads Show Evidence of Too Big to Fail Effects?

    Analysis of so-called “too big to fail” (TBTF) perceptions and their effects is not new, but this line of research has come to the forefront due to its importance to continuing debates on financial regulatory reform. While there is near-universal agreement that successful regulatory reform must address the risks and social costs posed by the problem of TBTF, there are wide differences of opi...

  • Investor Education in Asia Pacific

    As regional economies expand and local financial sectors deepen, the financial advice and investment industries of Asia Pacific have been growing rapidly. As often happens in rapidly growing sectors, the Asian investment industry has been beset by some “cowboy” conduct – shoddy product design, mis-selling and fraud.

    As in other parts of the world, Asia Pacific policy makers have respo...

  • The Hidden Alpha in Equity Trading

    Today’s equity market is teeming with complexity: the domination of electronic trading, the issues over High Frequency Trading (HFT), the increasing market fragmentation and the concerns over the next inevitable flash-crash or other systemic event have left many institutional investors and brokerages questioning their ability to find and protect alpha.  Institutional investors that part...

  • Value Solutions Arrive as a Strategic Commercial Driver

    It has become harder and harder to create product differentiation in pharma. A few commercial approaches to creating extra value have become almost universal, most of them “wraparound” services focused on patient access and adherence. But hardly anyone has turned these services into sustainable competitive advantage. This article introduces a more strategic approach to creating value for pat...

  • Meeting The Crude Oil Safety Challenge

    The rapid expansion of crude-by-rail haulage is creating a range of new challenges for North American railroads. Among the most critical is the need to quickly address safety issues after serious accidents involving Bakken crude oil. Oliver Wyman has experience with strategy and analytics for hazardous materials shipments, which directly translate to crude oil. In this 

  • A practical, data-driven approach for generating value

    The telco industry is suffering a period of continued declining growth and increasingly tight margins. To succeed in this challenging environment, many companies have deployed techniques like customer value management (CVM) but with limited success. Recently, to achieve additional substantial gains, the leading telcos have been adopting a more practical, data-driven approach that shortens th...

  • Client Briefing: Highlights of the 2015 CMS Advance Notice and Call Letter

    In late February, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released its advance notice of methodological changes for Medicare Advantage for 2015, a very significant document for MA plans. This page provides links to documents, analysis, and advice MA plans can use in planning how to respond. They include: the

  • I.T. FOR ACOs

    As healthcare providers experiment with new ways to deliver care, their IT systems have a hard time keeping up: Traditional systems can’t support coordinated care, they do a poor job of maintaining relationships with patients, and they don’t even supply the basic data needed to manage a contract based on value. This new report looks at the technological needs of value-based care providers no...