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What We Do

As a leading provider of global market intelligence forecasts, we help organizations in the aerospace sector enhance shareholder and stakeholder value, support product development, optimize operations, and achieve commercial and organizational effectiveness. As a trusted partner, we specialize in technically complex programs, extending to both commercial and military-variant aircraft platform development.

Our partners include global, regional, and cargo air carriers; aerospace and defense; original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers; maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities (MROs); airports and other service providers; and inflight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) providers. Our data-driven approach, cutting-edge market intelligence tools, and extensive industry knowledge enable us to deliver impactful results and guide our clients toward success.

System Engineering
We help clients with systems engineering, by focusing on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems over their life cycles. At its core, our team utilizes systems thinking principles. We organize bodies of knowledge and create systems that combine components to work in synergy.
We support clients with airworthiness certification, overseeing compliance with FAA/ODA, EASA, and MTC requirements. We assist with product certification, including mission and safety equipment integration. We establish certification requirements, coordinate implementation, and prepare necessary documents for TC/STC projects.
Safety Engineering
We ensure that engineered systems provide acceptable levels of safety through our safety engineering services. Our safety engineering ensures that a life-critical system behaves as needed, even when components fail.
Supplier Management Support
We assist our clients with their troubled suppliers. Our supplier management approach is a structured program to manage suppliers and improve their impact on the client's business. It includes managing vendor deliverables, working collaboratively to co-develop new processes, and managing compliance.
Airframe, Component And Major Assembly Expertise
We provide for our clients' specialized engineering needs, from airframe design to integration of propulsion systems, radios, navigation, oxygen, waste, water, and seats.
Software Engineering
We assist clients in software engineering, by developing, testing, and deploying computer applications to solve real-world problems that adhere to engineering principles and best practices. Our software engineers apply a disciplined and organized approach to software development with the stated goal of improving quality, time, and budget efficiency, along with the assurance of structured testing and certification.
DO-178C Software development, testing, and remediation
We support aerospace clients with the development and certification of safety-critical software.
Configuration and Conformity Management in aircraft systems
We help clients manage the configuration of software, hardware, and other components within an aircraft, and ensure these conform to regulations, standards, and specifications.
Environmental regulation support
We work with our aftermarket and MRO services clients to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability practices.
Production/MRO Programs and e-enabled systems
We assist clients with the execution of activities related to the manufacturing and assembly of aircraft; maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircraft; and the use of electronic-enabled systems for ground operations.
Quality and safety assessments and improvement programs
We help our clients conduct quality and safety audits, analyses, and risk assessments to ensure safety and quality standards are met, and when lacking, we help implement improvement programs.
ELM (Electrical Load Analysis Manager)
We leverage our proprietary software to help our clients consolidate, standardize, and simplify the complex configuration management of thousands of electrical loads on an aircraft.

Who We Are