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Mike DeVogel
Vice President
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Mike is a vice president at Oliver Wyman Vector, based in the Bellevue, Washington, office.

He specializes in aviation technology, mission assurance, and business development initiatives for clients. In his role, he leverages his robust industry insights and a versatile portfolio of past successes to create lasting impact.

To foster innovation in the aerospace industry, it’s crucial to eliminate barriers that can stifle creativity, such as the limitations of simulation tools, fear of failure, unwarranted criticism, and ambiguity in defining of success

After nearly 30 years of industry experience at Boeing defense systems, where he ultimately served as chief engineer, Mike wields expertise in system engineering, hardware/software, and integration/testing within aviation and avionics systems programs. He is proficient in airworthiness and certification for several aircraft and components in addition to having an extensive background in sensors and engineering processes. His expertise extends to technical solutions, analyzing opportunities, developing proposals, and securing contracts/funding. Mike has additionally worked internationally, supporting standing-up and servicing new weapon systems.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys cycling and scuba diving. His family of four also loves to hike and travel around the globe to experience new cultures.