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What We Do

Our teams have the expertise to conduct comprehensive assessments that identify opportunities for operational improvement across the supply chain, organizational structure, and system processes. We drive client impact through health assessments, project management office (PMO) optimization, and continuous improvement (CI), to help our clients achieve operational excellence. We have supported maintenance, repair, and overhaul facilities (MROs), airlines, warehouses, rail operators, brokers, and corporate organizations in exceeding operational ambitions through our well-tested methodologies and lifelong practitioner expertise.

Health Assessments
We perform health assessments through rapid assessment frameworks (RAF) to help clients understand where they stand among their peers in the industry and identify competitive advantages and risks.
Project Management Office
We help clients establish and execute projects within an easy-to-understand framework that yields immediate impact on their business. We can set up a PMO through training and mentoring, run the PMO for a period of time, and transition to the business for sustained results. We also provide technical project management for specific projects and deliverables.
Continuous Improvement
We support clients in enacting change within their businesses by hosting a series of classroom-led trainings that cover continuous improvement (CI) elements, such as value stream mapping and theory of constraints. Our expertise ensures immediate quick-win activities for clients and a plan for organizational and cultural transformation.

Who We Are