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What We Do

We partner with clients in digital and IT strategy across the selection, implementation, and optimization of maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), flight operations, and content and records management, resulting in digitally improved operations and innovation.

Our teams recognize that a true transformation starts with an understanding of the business vision, which informs the right digital strategy. Whether the focus is on supporting business growth and diversification, increasing efficiency, or demonstrating compliance, we collaborate with you to develop a plan suited to your needs. Today’s systems must be modular and flexible, with enough functionality to support operational changes, along with ample development and innovation to meet industry trends. Maximizing the use of technology is an essential enabler for safety-conscious and cost-sensitive businesses.

Focus Areas
Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
We provide extensive MRO services, including configuration management, maintenance programs, and supply chain management for various components. We are familiar with systems like AMOS, Maintenix, RAMCO, SCEPTRE, TRAX, and Ultramain.
Flight Operations
Our deep industry knowledge covers flight operational support functions and systems, including fuel dashboards, crewing/rostering, flight planning/dispatch, operational management, and performance data analysis. We work with systems such as ARINCDirect FOS, Jeppesen, and NAVBLUE.
Safety, Security, and Quality
We ensure safe, secure, and compliant operations, with an understanding of regulations across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We are global leaders in cybersecurity and Aircraft Network Security Programs, protecting aircraft networks from cyber threats and ensuring passenger safety and data confidentiality.
Document and Content Management
We manage the entire life cycle of documentation and content, from ingestion to delivery, maintaining efficiency and regulatory compliance. We are familiar with systems such as Adobe FrameMaker, Aerosoft Systems DigiDoc, Airbus Adoc/AirNav/JobCard, Bluestream Xdoc, Boeing Toolbox, Boeing Spectrum, Comply365, Flatirons CORENA, IDMR InForm, Oxygen XML Editor, and PTC Arbortext Suite.
Records Management
We provide robust, accurate records management for key assets, ensuring regulatory compliance and operational improvement. We are familiar with systems such as Boeing Stream, FLYdocs, and GE AirVault.
Cloud Solutions and Migration
We assist clients in modernizing legacy architectures to on-cloud solutions, optimizing application performance and analytics. We help clients navigate the entire modernization journey.
Our Expertise
IT Strategy Assessment
A clear, holistic IT strategy that can support longer-term business goals is critical. We leverage our expert team to perform an objective IT evaluation and safely guide our clients through the hard choices.
Buy Versus Build Consultation
There are times when the decision to buy a solution is not straightforward, especially when there are tradeoffs with differing systems. We partner with our Oliver Wyman Digital team to drive to the right decision.
Solution Selection
When the verdict is made to buy, our technical counsel assists clients in choosing the best solution to fit their operations, by defining business requirements, evaluating systems, negotiating with vendors, and managing organization change and communications.
System Integration and Sustainment
Once the right-sized solution is chosen, we leverage our expertise and digital solutions to collaborate on system integration, execution, go-live, and associated organizational change management and program management.
Data Science and Engineering
Partnering with our Oliver Wyman Digital team, we help clients apply next-generation analytics and data science to create a data-driven, future-built organization.


Maintenance and engineering (M&E)
Content management

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