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Yvette Lapura
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Oliver Wyman Vector Director, Yvette, is based in our Atlanta office, where she is a pivotal leader in Digital Services, steering organizations through the intricacies of digital transformation.

She expertly blends technology, analytics, and data science to propel clients into a data-centric, future-ready stance. Specializing in system selection and data migrations, Yvette is known for turning complex environments into incubators for innovation and progress.

Your innovation solutions are buried in your data. Establishing data governance and data-centered strategies gives you a competitive advantage in a data-generating world

Born in Uganda, Yvette’s professional journey has been far from conventional. Transitioning from architecture to technology, she improved software for drafting, capturing the attention of a consulting firm. Her work on a major airline pricing project piqued her interest in the importance of precise requirements for software development and system selection. Her expertise grew through significant roles in healthcare, from charge capture to payer systems. Today, she brings her passion for unraveling complex issues and enabling data-driven decision-making to Oliver Wyman Vector.

When she’s not navigating the complexities of the digital world, Yvette finds joy and inspiration in live music, and she can often be found at the outskirts of a concert crowd. Her creative spirit is also expressed through photography and art. She has also recently ventured into voice acting and she also treasures traveling, embracing the opportunity to explore and connect with various cultures.