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What We Do

We provide operational and technical consulting services around operations improvement, supply chain, maintenance programs, and safety to passenger and freight rail operators and infrastructure owners.

With our expertise, industry best practice knowledge, and our own proprietary tools, we help our clients streamline their internal business processes, incorporate market-leading safety standards, and restructure maintenance processes to reap significant business benefit.

We leverage synergies with Oliver Wyman’s Rail Practice, which provides expertise across all aspects of rail business, from locomotives, rolling stock, and rail control systems to infrastructure and backshops. We possess the deep knowledge and expertise required to enhance safety, quality, and compliance and optimize the supply chain.

We further support clients with software implementation, business process assessment, entry into service, and operational improvement through our experienced technical specialist and project management teams.

Operational Improvement
We use lean techniques to collaborate with our rail industry clients and create operational improvements across their business, ensuring optimized requirements and guaranteeing cost effectiveness between operations and maintenance for locomotives and rolling stock.
Technical Project Management
We provide specialized project management services specifically designed for the unique challenges and requirements of rail and infrastructure projects. We ensure effective coordination, streamlined processes, and successful project delivery, enabling our clients to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.
Safety and quality management
We assist our clients in navigating the nuances of regulatory environments by setting up safety management systems and completing quality assessments across the rail value chain. Leveraging our aviation safety knowledge and expertise, we develop, implement, and improve safety and quality management programs.
Maintenance Programs
We develop and implement enhancements to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance programs for rolling stock, collaborating with our clients to leverage operational/reliability data and machine learning to drive maturity, improve costs, and advance maintenance effectiveness.
Supply Chain Management
We help our clients enhance supply chain and material management functions by mapping end-to-end forecasting and stock, standardizing vendor management processes, optimizing warranty programs, and increasing delivery performance.

Who We Are