Mary Zobrak
Vice President
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Vice President Mary is based in our Fort Worth Solana office and brings more than 30 years of industry expertise.

Throughout her aviation career, Mary has focused on creating policies and procedures to ensure the safety of line personnel, fellow employees, and passengers. While initially specializing in regulatory compliance, aviation training, and air carrier operations, Mary possesses a deep understanding of station operations, in-flight operations, safety management systems, and dangerous goods programs. With her comprehensive skill set and industry knowledge, Mary provides strategic guidance and delivers successful outcomes for clients in the aviation sector.

At Oliver Wyman Vector, Mary is a co-leader of the Certification, Compliance, Quality, and Safety (CCQS) team, responsible for ensuring high-quality, on-time deliverables that meet our clients' expectations. She also leads the Business Operations team, overseeing financial tracking, employee administrative needs, cultural needs, training, and human capital.

Mary has demonstrated her certification expertise by successfully managing three mergers of 6 large 14 CFR 121 air carriers, each resulting in a single air carrier operating certificate; helping the FAA define the requirements for such endeavors. She has also led several teams in new airline certifications, as well as guided air carriers through major changes (MCPD) to their current operating certificate, all while ensuring the applicable regulatory requirements and Safety Assurance Systems were built into the final product.

With a deep understanding of industry challenges and regulatory constraints, I help create change that makes sense for our customers. Our dedication to excellence ensures we exceed expectations while upholding the highest standards of safety and compliance

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman Vector, Mary held senior management positions within air carriers, including in-flight operations, station operations, training, and human resources. These experiences, combined with her MS in Management and BA in Business Administration with a specialization in Aviation Management, position her with deep industry knowledge.

For fun, Mary holds a Private Pilot's license with an instrument rating. Outside of work, she spends most of her time with family, friends, and her two dachshunds, Willie and Bella. Mary enjoys spending time at the beach in South Carolina, where she and her family have a place. Friends and family are always welcome and encouraged to visit. She is also always planning her next big vacation to another country to experience their culture and history.