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Jan Kostelansky
Director, CMS Development
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Jan heads the DigiDOC content management system (CMS) product team at Oliver Wyman Vector.

Under his leadership, the team developed a CMS system that integrates maintenance data from major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operators’ manuals. Jan also oversaw DigiDOC’s integration with leading maintenance and engineering systems. 

He has successfully managed teams on three continents. In addition to OEM manuals, Jan’s skills include operator’s GMM, SOP and COC content.

I help our customers not only in resolving their most complex and pressing challenges but also in understand industry best practices to improve their processes and overall success

Jan’s aviation history started with his father working for jet engine manufacturers. After earning his Master’s degree in Information Technology, Jan gained experience producing content management systems and technical documentation at software companies. He joined the aviation industry 19 years ago, with a passion for making the industry safer.

Outside of work, Jan spends a lot of time with his family of four. They love to snow ski, skate, and play beach volleyball.