We invest in you.

Oliver Wyman offers varied career development paths, within and across corporate functions – for a richer career experience. We invest extensively in training, personal and professional development to support your growth.

Who we are

There is a spirit at Oliver Wyman that you will find nowhere else

It comes from people who believe that they are creating new possibilities for our clients, themselves, our communities – and for each other.

Visit an Oliver Wyman office anywhere in the world and you will feel it: the buzz of people who are doing work that matters. There is no corporate mold to fit and hierarchy doesn’t get in the way. Everybody contributes. Join us if you are excited by new challenges and at ease working across cultures.

You’ll find interesting people who laugh easily, speak their minds and measure success by what is accomplished, not how many hours are worked.  We are looking for people who want to grow and develop…people who thrive on teamwork and enjoy learning new skills. 

We work in a collaborative fast-paced environment to produce lasting change for our clients.

Clients bring us their greatest challenges – problems that global companies, non-profit organizations and even government institutions can’t always solve without outside expertise. Oliver Wyman assigns teams of experts to tackle each part of their complex problems and develop new solutions that change what’s possible for our clients, their industries, and society.  The constant evolution and innovation in our business creates a stimulating, exciting and fast-paced environment.

What kind of impact do you want to have?  Our people are critical to the ongoing success of our business. They shape the firm, including transforming how we think about inclusion and diversity, helping us leverage new technologies, and initiating new forms of collaboration (to name a few).

Life At Oliver Wyman

Eclectic. Energetic. That’s our culture.Oliver Wyman is a heterogeneous mix of people who learn from each other in every encounter. Who work together to build a great company, and who share what they know with the world. If you see a better way to accomplish something, or make our company or community better, you’ll find colleagues who will rally to your side.

We hire you to be you

We support your personal as well as your professional aspirations. We maintain an inclusive culture, ensuring that you can bring your whole self to work.

Our World

Stories of choices that matter.

We’ve collected stories of Oliver Wyman people and projects in "Our World", a digital magazine.  It will give you a lively sense of our impact on industry, on society, and how our people navigate their careers with us.  We invite you to learn more.

Your Career Path

Working here means being the best at what you do, and more responsibility when you want it

This is a company where individuals can shape their own careers, and shape the company itself.

Oliver Wyman brings exceptional people together to create impact on the world around us. This shared purpose, combined with access to anyone in the firm, creates a feeling of connectedness that is rare in the business world.

Where you start isn’t where you finish. We reward people who make a difference. And if you think you can make a bigger difference in another role or another office, you’ll find colleagues at every level who will support you to get there.

Our world is full of opportunities

Design, Translation and Presentation specialists bring our company’s ideas to life on paper, on screens and at events around the world.

Executive Assistants work directly with our Partners, Principals and other firm leaders, supporting client work, administration, and business development activities. 

Events plans all details of our internal and external events. 

Finance professionals manage the economics of our business.

Global Mobility & Security help people move around the world seamlessly and safely. 

Human Capital manages the full professional life cycle of all our staff, from attracting top talent, to ongoing learning and development, rewarding performance and supporting career progression.

Information Technology designs and manages the technology platforms that support every area of our business.

Knowledge Services includes research and knowledge management. Many of these professionals are specialized in particular practice areas and work hand in hand with consultants to deliver our client work.

Legal and Compliance are trusted advisors to help us do business in the best way.

Marketing is responsible for our company’s public image, overseeing our publishing, external events and media relationships, as well as our social media and thriving alumni community. 

Office Services manages the daily operations of Oliver Wyman offices in over 50 cities in 26 countries.

Job Vacancies

We offer a range of exciting opportunities

From Finance to IT and Marketing to Human Capital, we seek high-caliber individuals with demonstrated success in their area of interest and a focus on service excellence.

Professional Development

We’re here to help you grow

Oliver Wyman helps you make the most of any role you choose to take on.

Beyond our extensive training curriculum,  informal “buddies” will help you master new challenges, and act as sounding boards for your own ideas. Access to Partners and support from colleagues, talent management professionals, and worldwide peer networks help you to feel comfortable in any role in any office in our world.

There’s no mystery about performance, pay or promotion. You’ll have regular developmental discussions with your manager to help you continue your progression. You’ll know how much your work is valued and you will be rewarded for it.

What would you like to learn?

Here are some of Oliver Wyman’s courses for professional development:

  • Client service excellence
  • Coaching
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Crisis management
  • Delegating
  • Developing your personal brand
  • Leading and motivating others
  • New manager training
  • Presentation skills
  • Process improvement
  • Project management
  • Public speaking
  • Resolving differences
  • Team building

Personal Growth

Here’s something novel: a career that works for you

We never forget that your world is bigger than the office. And that it changes.

Our colleagues value the flexibility to make the most of their time. Through our flexible work programs, you can:

  • Create more flexibility by adjusting your work schedule on a temporary or full-time basis.
  • Work from home when home needs you.
  • See the world: Through our Employee Exchange Program you can spend a few weeks in a different office learning new ways of doing things and fostering new networks.
  • Try out a new role at Oliver Wyman or our corporate parent, Marsh & McLennan Companies.
  • Pursue Oliver Wyman volunteer opportunities or pro bono projects as part of your job.

We believe that flexibility and refreshment are essential for a sustainable career in a demanding field.

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity at Oliver Wyman is a philosophy

It’s not a talent program; it is a way of life. Our commitment is rooted in our values, woven into our business strategies, and lived daily in the spirit of our culture. We believe inclusion drives diversity, and diversity enables better business outcomes. We also believe creating a culture where all of our colleagues feel included and positioned for success is the right thing to do.



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