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Our World is a look at our firm from the inside. These are the stories that Oliver Wyman people tell — about the work we do in the world, the causes that move us, and the choices that we make in moments that matter.

Over 3,000 colleagues make the stories we tell possible.
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A few weeks ago I went walking on Dartmoor with my wife, Julia, and daughter, Inês. We walked a leisurely 12 miles a day for three days and about half of that time I was walking and chatting to Inês, who is almost eleven years old. She spent the time telling me about her school, her friends and her enemies, but mainly she focused on her ambitions. She hopes to become some combination of a historian, an archaeologist, a scientist and an explorer. I think the common theme of her wide-ranging plan is to help people understand the world better so they can improve it. Inês also asked me a lot of questions about Oliver Wyman. What did we do? How did we help people? Did I like my colleagues? Did I have any enemies? Was Oliver Wyman a good company or a bad company like some she saw on the news? Could I play computer games in my spare time in the office?

I told Inês that Oliver Wyman was a collection of many different types of exceptional people, all with the goal of improving the world. We did that in a variety of ways. We helped all kinds of businesses in many areas evolve and thrive, enabling them to employ people and give them rewarding lives. We helped governments think about what services to deliver and how best to deliver them. We worked directly for charities and other organizations trying to do good and helped them to do it better. And we all used the Oliver Wyman global platform to increase collaboration and try to create a better future for everyone. I don’t think Inês understood too much of what I told her, but she summed it up by saying that it sounded like Oliver Wyman was a good company rather than a bad company and she approved of that.

This publication tells some of our stories across Oliver Wyman. I think they are a reflection of who we are, how we work, why we do it, and what impact our work has. When Inês is old enough to understand it, I hope she will be proud.

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