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The stories we like most at Oliver Wyman are about people who grabbed on to a challenge — often a lonely one — and wouldn’t let go until they’d pushed our whole firm into a different orbit. Our founders were entrepreneurs. To create a company that changes things, they reasoned, we’d need men and women who are unafraid, and who recognize the moment of change when it arrives. Or, better yet, see it coming. It’s not easy. But it’s a big part of what makes Oliver Wyman, Oliver Wyman.

Here are three stories
of people who
led without a mandate.

Photos for Carrying the Fire Courtesy of Lauren Wylie

Making sustainability
real from the bottom up

The ‘green economy’ is here, and it’s not going away.

You have to show how the idea benefits the Triple Bottom Line of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social impact.

The March of Sustainability

At Oliver Wyman

Changing Behavior:

The Green Team, grOW, the Global Sustainability Network, Green Champions, and the TerraCycle waste elimination initiative.


The Green Traveler program, winner of Sabre Holdings’ Visionary award for greenest travel program.


iBuyGREEN, a new supply-chain partnership with global suppliers to reduce direct and indirect emissions, improve resource utilization, and reduce costs.


Integration of sustainability initiatives in recruiting and onboarding for all new hires.


Specific, firm-wide energy reduction and recycling/waste management targets — and public reporting of our performance.

Professionalizing our
social impact

How Oliver Wyman’s new social impact programme
is gaining traction in the UK — and beyond.

We Are:

Expanding funding options for startups and small businesses

Creating new models for impact investing by corporations

Amplifying the effectiveness of a nonprofit that equips young people with business skills

Helping a food reclamation charity expand its reach

Planning an expansion of secondary education in Zambia

Turbocharging university research to address income inequality

Assessing a radical new way to fund charities in the UK

Expanding what we mean by