Infographic: Healthcare's Appropriateness Crisis


Dr. Marty Makary summarizes four key takeaways following his Alliance of Community Health Plans keynote address on unnecessary care delivery.

Marty Makary, MD and Connie Hwang, MD, MPH

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Editor's Note: The following infographic presents a summary of ideas from Dr. Marty Makary's recent keynote address at the 2018 Fall Clinical Meeting in Chicago, hosted by the Alliance of Community Health Plans. Marty, Professor of Surgery and Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins Medicine, is also Advisor of Practicing Wisely®, a collaboration between Oliver Wyman and Marty that aims to reduce unnecessary care, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs by providing clinicians with appropriateness measures.

  • Marty Makary, MD and
  • Connie Hwang, MD, MPH