Realigning Banking Regulation
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In 2020, governments and central banks across the globe delivered unprecedented support to the markets, whilst financial regulators held the line with the introduction of new capital regulations and accounting standards - largely unchanged. What lessons have been learned in the pandemic? What are the priorities for regulators as they look ahead? Does the pandemic present an opportunity to modernise and update policies to respond to new risks in a way that allows banks to safely support the economy?

As credible as the processes are on both sides of the ocean [Europe and the US], we should have better harmonization of stress testing standards across regimes
Christiana Riley, CEO Americas, Deutsche Bank


• Dylan Walsh, Partner & Global Head of Corporate and Institutional Banking, Oliver Wyman.
• Christiana Riley, CEO, Deutsche Bank USA Corp
• Lara Warner, Group Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Credit Suisse Group
• Rolf Strauch, Chief Economist and Management Board Member, European Stability Mechanism