Podcast: The Energy Transition’s Impact On Trading Houses

Featured in the HC Insider Podcast Series

This episode was first published on August 13, 2020.


The Energy Transition is perhaps the single biggest force of change in the commodities markets over the coming decade.

Roland Rechtsteiner, Global Head of Oil & Gas, Mining, and Chemicals at Oliver Wyman, spoke on the HC Insider Podcast Series to provide clarity on what the Energy Transition is and what its impact will be on this space as part of a two-episode miniseries. Far from it being an existential threat to trading houses, Roland argues in this first part that it presents a huge opportunity for those within and outside of energy, provided they are willing to change alongside. And COVID-19 is only accelerating the transition. 

A big wave of change is coming which will redefine customers, products, and business models within the commodities markets.

Learn more about how the Energy Transition is disrupting the commodities space and about the opportunities it is creating by listening to the podcast below. To learn more about HC Insider and view the complete podcast series, please click here.